Saturday, 5 April 2014

Beauty | Nude Lipstick Reviews

Nude lips is one of my favourite go to lip looks as it is so versatile. It is perfect for work, day time and even night time when you are working an eye popping look. I have four nude lipsticks that I use so I thought it'd be useful to compare...

L'Oréal - Collection Privée by Eva Review
So the thinking behind Collection Privée is that L'Oréal used 6 famous women, who work with the brand and all have different skin tones, to produce the perfect nude lipstick for each of them. This is the tricky thing about the colour nude, it's a different colour on different people. So I reckon L'Oréals plan was bordering on genius! I bought the nude developed for Eva Longoria as her skin tone was the best match to mine (simple way to pick the perfect colour, right?) and I have to say this lipstick is spot on. The lipstick is highly pigmented so it provides excellent coverage and it has a slight shine to it to make your lips look extra luscious. My only complaint with this lipstick is that I find it slightly drying but it is still my go-to for work lippy when I want to look professional and polished.

Revlon - Super Lustrous Lipstick in Mauve It Over Review
I bought this one a while ago and I still chuck it in my bag now and again as it is a little bit of an old faithful. What I love about this lipstick is the matte finish and although it is a little darker than the L'Oréal one, I like this one for adding subtle colour, particularly when I want my makeup focus on my eyes. I tend to wear this one one weekends and evenings rather than work as it creeps towards the trendy side of things. This lipstick doesn't feel heavy and sticky on your lips like some matte ones can, it gives good coverage and doesn't dry my lips out.

Maybelline - Colour Sensational in Velvet Beige
Velvet Beige is darker still with a little bit of shine, I would say for my skin tone it is on the very edge of nude. I find this lipstick very moisturising though and sometimes it just seems to suit my mood if I feel like going understated on all counts and with its pink undertones it put a little colour in my face.

Smashbox - Matte Latte Review
This is the most expensive lipstick of the four and so as you would expect the packaging is that little more luxurious so it is worth a mention, the casing it is a matte black in a very square shape with a dark silver metal effect on the inside. The lipstick itself is matte and provides a good covering, I would say this is the mos pigmented of all four and it is easy to apply evenly. It doesn't leave your lips sticky and feels very light when it is on. It can be a little drying though so I always apply lip balm first.

The swatches below are the following from left to right: L'Oréal, Revlon, Maybelline, Smashbox.

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