Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Life | Should Women Take Protein Supplements?

This post will be tackling something a little different than I usually do, protein. There are many benefits of protein which include healthy skin, nails and hair, however the benefits of protein are much further reaching than that (like great skin hair and nails isn't enough??). 

I am not a gym bunny by any stretch, but I am aware that keeping myself fit and healthy is required, and with problem knees (yup, they dislocate easily) I need to maintain my muscle tone. I do see going to the gym as a bit of a chore. Although I definitely feel the endorphine rush when I leave, it is not pleasant when you hobble around the next day aching (we have all been there!). This is where protein comes in. There are many associations to body building, muscles, men only, even as far as steroids when you mention protein shakes to someone not in the know, but the truth is protein shakes are a great way of helping your body to recover after a work out. Not only does this make sure you can go again the next day if you wish, it also means you won't be struggling to get out of bed! 

Firstly, what are protein shakes? There are lots of different types, however the most popular for muscle recovery is whey protein, which is a supplement of amino acid that aids muscle recovery after a workout (you have about a 2 hour window to have a protein shake after a workout for it to be effective, although some argue protein at any time is just as effective). Mass gainers, which can typically contain creatine, are what most people associate with protein shakes, and they do-what-they-say-on-the-tin and help build muscle. It would recommend whey protein shakes after a tough workout, leave the mass gainers to the body builders and those wanting to build impressive muscles! 

Now obviously, there are many sources of protein, but I find shakes to be the most convenient for immediately after a workout. There are also protein bars, which I have to admit don’t taste brill, but they are also a quick source of protein for when you are on the go. Other alternatives are protein porridge, hot chocolate protein mixes, protein pancake mixes, there are all sorts of innovative ways to take protein which you can find here. Always read the ingredients list though and ensure there isn’t high levels of sugar in there and watch how many carbs are in there too. Some powders have added ingredients to act as a meal replacement too which can aid weight loss, I have to say I have found this effective as a breakfast replacement (especially when it gets towards bikini time!). I use Impact Whey Protein from as it is great value and tastes good too (it comes in a few different flavours but my fave is smooth chocolate!). They also do a great womens version called Max Elle True Diet which has some extra ingredients such as green tea extract, which helps to increase metabolism, and CLA which reduces the potential for your body to store fat. Max Elle True Diet is slightly more expensive but a great investment if you have a weight loss target.

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