Saturday, 22 March 2014

Beauty | Kiko Cosmetics - Mat Mousse Oil Free Foundation Review

This was a product I picked up recently when I went a little crazy in a Kiko Cosmetics store (luckily their prices are good otherwise I'd be on bread and water!). I have to admit, and being a makeup addict, I am not sure I am allowed to, I am not a huge foundation fan. Shock horror. I much prefer tinted moisturisers or a BB/CC cream as it is hard to go wrong with them, whereas foundations get tricky in application and making sure you apply evenly. However, that being said, every now and then I wonder how lovely my face could look and I buy the odd foundation. Seeing the words mat (matte) and oil free, my foundation curiosity was peaked yet again and I though 'ah go on then'. So, is it any good? Well, as I am not an avid foundation fan, I would say yes. One of my faves is the Nars Sheer Glow Foundation, but at a third of the price I would say the Kiko Cosmetics product is pretty darn good. It gives great coverage, matte finish, feels very light and natural and it smoothes skin tone really quite effectively. The products lasts really well too, I first used it without a primer and I have to say I didn't notice much difference after a few hours and the forehead shine I am a little prone to was kept at bay. I do love that is has SPF15 in there too to protect your skin. This product might well just creep it's way in to my weekend makeup! What is your favourite foundation?

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