Monday, 17 March 2014

Beauty | Kiko Cosmetics Boulevard Rock Limited Edition Collection

While I was is Italy recently I bought some makeup from the Boulevard Rock Limited Edition Collection by Kiko Cosmetics. The range has tons to choose from and it is all in funky and fun packaging which made it super hard to choose what to buy, but this is what I went for...

Kiko Cosmetics - Rock Attraction Bronzer in Steady Honey Review

I admit, I didn't need a bronzer, but I couldn't resist how the product was pressed into a zip shape! The container is really cool too with a colourful matte finish. The product itself is well pigmented and gives the skin a warm glow. It is very light and almost sheer so it provides a natural flush of colour, I think this will be great in the summer to give a radiance boost.

Kiko Cosmetics - Street Fashion Eyeshadow Palette in Grounge Couture Review

Again, very cool packaging which I completely fell for. The colours are vibrant and can be applied to a subtle or loud look as you want. The powder lasts well, but it does have a bit of fall out but applies to the eye lids easily and blends well. I would say this is another fun summer product.

Kiko Cosmetics - Glow Touch Lip & Cheeks in Magnetic Mauve Review

I love this balm, it smells and tastes like vanilla (which happens to be one of my favourite scents) and is light on both lips and cheeks. It isn't greasy, it has a velvety texture and it hydrates the lips well and gives a subtle glow on cheeks.

Kiko Cosmetics - Rock Idol Lipstick in 03 Rebel Coral Review

This lipstick has a satin finish but goes on to the lips easily like a glossy lip balm, it can feel slightly grainy on the lips though. I love this colour (dare I say summer again??) but it does slightly dry your lips so I would suggest applying lip balm first.

Kiko Cosmetics - Denim Nail Laquer in Tribal Purple Review

I can't resist buying nail polish, there are just too many colours to try out. The Denim Nail Laquer finish is matte which I love amd it applies easily and gives great coverage with two coats. The colour is dark pink/purple which works well for work and is still colourful enough to give you a lift.

In summary, I am really enjoying discovering the brand as it is quite new to me and this limited edition collection really showcases what the brand is all and colour with quality products, and the huge bonus of it being reasonably priced! Have you tried any Kiko Cosmetics products yet?

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