Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Luxe Beauty | Smashbox - Always Sharp 3D Liner in Gemstone Review

I have quite a few products from the smashbox range and when I get to using them I am never disappointed in their quality or uniqueness. This product is no different. Thanks to the clever packaging (and you may have guessed it from the name...), this liner is never blunt, which is useful for always getting a precise line. I chose Gemstone so that I could wear it during the day as a more subtle eye look and it really is perfect for that. It adds a bit of colour without being the focus of your face.There is a slight bit of shimmer in there that you can just about see in the swatch, this gives it a bit of a sparkle and your eyes a little bit of a pop. I have found that it stays put all day and doesn't smudge or mysteriously disappear into the corners of your eye (always a nice trait in an eye liner!). I really love the fact that all the smashbox products I have had each have a little quirk or wow factor, whether it is the quality of the packaging or that the lid keeps the liner sharp, I am always pleasantly surprised.

I have also reviewed some eye liners from the limitless range too (read here).

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