Monday, 10 February 2014

Life | Graze Review

I have been having Graze delivered for over a year now and I would highly recommend it! I work in an office at a desk job and, as I am sure many people in that environment can relate to, I got in a bit of a food rut. Every morning I would pack my bag with a satsuma, an apple and a sandwich and I would have the same thing day in and day out Monday to Friday. I came across Graze by chance and signed both my husband (another desk jobber) and myself up to a trial and haven't looked back since! The main reasons for me being such a big Graze fan are:
  • You have a different selection of snacks each week so no getting bored of the same thing
  • It is delivered in a box that fits through your letter box so it is relatively hassle free - I get mine delivered on Saturdays so they are there in time for Monday morning
  • If you are looking for something healthy there is a healthy option that can be selected
  • At ~£4 a week you get 4 punnets of snacks for less than the cost of a drink in the pub!
  • If there are any snacks or specific ingredients you don't like you can select for them not to be sent - I have binned the garlic olives as they aren't very office friendly!

You can sign up to Graze here

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