Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Luxe Beauty | Urban Decay - All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray Review

I don't know about you but, as much as I love my makeup, once I have put my face on and I step out the door, I don't think about reapplying or touching it up. It just doesn't enter my head at all, but I always feel a little disappointed when I get back home and look in the mirror and that awesome look that I spent so long perfecting has smudged, and slipped, and just generally not stayed looking so perfect. While I was in New York last year, living the dream in makeup heaven, Sephora, I found this spray - Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray - and I had to buy it and give it a shot. So the idea is that you spray it on over your makeup and it stops it from going anywhere, I admit I was pretty sceptical about this, but I thought in the name of not looking a mess after a few hours it was worth a try. I spray 2/3 times over my makeup and what I have found noticeable is that my makeup, blusher and concealer especially, stays put. I would definitely recommend this product if you are like me and don't carry your makeup around with you and you want to still look fresh after a days work or a night out, and even better they do two other sprays called Chill and Slick. Chill is a cooling and hydrating makeup setting spray, which I imagine will be perfect in the summer or on holiday, and Slick is an oil control makeup setting spray which provides a matte effect. I use Feel Unique a lot for purchases like this as it is free delivery on orders over £10 and they have just started selling Urban Decay products Feel Unique Link

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