Thursday, 20 February 2014

Luxe Beauty | Skin Consultation at L'Occitane

I am a self confessed makeup obsessive, but it isn't to be underestimated how important it is, and how irrelevant awesome makeup is, that your skin is in the best condition it can be so I thought I would show it some love. We are in the run up to spring now and hopefully the weather will start to get warmer and skin will get some much needed vitamin D! Until then, I though I would pop down to my local L'Occitane to get a skin consultation to see how it was coping with this long autumn/winter. First things first, my skin hydration level was checked, I was confident this wouldn't be too woeful as my skin doesn't tend to feel dry apart from in very concentrated areas, I was right, at 62% hydration my skin isn't doing too badly at all. Clair was the lovely lady doing my skin consultation today and she got to work by clearing my skin of face paint using the eye makeup remover and milk makeup remover from the Immortelle range. A top tip I picked up here was when you are putting product onto cotton pads you should use damp cotton pads rather than dry so the product isn't absorbed and you get more onto your skin. The makeup removers worked well and let my skin feeling refreshed and decongested.

Next step was some brightening water which worked as a toner after cleansing, this didn't have a drying feel to it at all which really showcases the benefits of the natural ingredients as I find many other toners can dry out the skin. Serum was then applied (which I forgot to picture, d'oh) which made sure the deeper layers of skin got some pampering too. Another top tip, apply the serum by dabbing your palms on your skin in a bouncing motion rather than rubbing in to encourage the serum to get as deep as possible. Eye balm was applied next to focus on some of the fine lines my eyes are accumulating, this eye balm had a lovely cooling effect that soothed the skin, I imagine this would be lovely on a morning when you are feeling a little delicate. To finish off some precious fluid was used, this was a really interesting product as, unlike a normal moisturiser, it has a very runny consistency rather than being more cream like. The effect of the fluid is a dewy, moisturised texture which has lasted for the last few hours.

My skin feels lovely after that pampering session and I have learnt a lot about treating your skin kindly...hopefully I will reap the awards with a youthful glow when I am older! Thanks Clair from L'Occitane, Stratford upon Avon for your time and all your interesting tips.

A couple of other products I had a good look at were the Brightening Instant Exfoliator, which has a great texture for those who like to really scrub your face clean, and Brightening Moisture Mask, which doesn't need long on your skin to work its magic but really brings out the radiance of your skin and moisturises at the same time.

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