Monday, 24 February 2014

Luxe Beauty | Smashbox - Full Exposure Palette Review

Eeeeeek! It arrived...and it is beautiful! I think I may have wowed out loud when I opened this little treasure chest up. Of course, I am talking about the new Smashbox Full Exposure Palette.

So first things first, the box itself, it is compact enough to squeeze it into your makeup bag to take away with you but it has a decent amount of product in there (14 good sized portions of colour to be exact) and you have a great size mirror AND a darn good eye shadow brush. At £36 this will not break the bank and you also get a free mascara with the palette along with a guide for perfecting 3 different looks for each eye shape (super useful!).

The colours are absolutely perfect for my colouring (brown hair, brown eyes, medium skin tone) but I imagine they would look good on anyone. There is a row of matte powders and a row of shimmer powders, they give great coverage and easy to apply without ending up with powder all down your face. I always use a primer underneath my makeup anyway but these powders seem to wear quite well after a few hours. The middle colour in the bottom row (see picture below) is very, very sheer and on a skin tone such as mine I can't think how you would use it, but potentially on a different tone it may be effective. This palette will do the full spectrum of eye looks, if you are looking for a dressed down nude to a full on sexy, smokey look you can nail them with the choice of colours. The powders blends really easily too so you can really have fun trying out different mixes. Personally I tend to put a light matte powder all over the eye lid, a darker matte in the crease and outer corner and then if I am fancying some glitter then a nice blend at the outer corner.

The brush that you get with this is great too, I usually find brushes you get with palettes a little naff, but this brush is so useful! It is double ended with different densities of brush, really great for creating different looks, the only thing you need to add to this is a brush for more detail if you were going to really go to town on your eyes.

If you are looking for a great selection of neutral, shimmer, matte and brown powders then I really don't think you need to look further than this palette, I can't wait to take this on holiday with me at the weekend!

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