Thursday, 20 February 2014

Luxe Beauty | Smashbox - Be Legendary Lipstick in Infrared Matte Review

I am slightly crazy about red lipsticks, I would say I have a lot of red lipsticks to choose from, but it doesn't stop me from buying more! I have been really excited about this lipstick and the only thing I love as much as red is matte, and this is the beautiful combination of both. Again, as with the Be Legendary lipstick I reviewed in Matte Latte, this comes in cool packaging of a super square container and dark silver inside. The colour itself had a little more pink than I was expecting but it is still a gorgeous shade of red and if you want something darker you could try layering with another lipstick in a darker shade. It applies really well and is well pigmented so gives a real thick layering of colour without being too heavy on your lips. I know you should apply balm before all lipsticks, but it would emphasise that point with this one as the matte texture does not look as good on lips that are a little dry. I can't wait for the weekend to give this lipstick a night out.

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